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Can I train at the Hair Academy if I am already training and working in a salon?
Yes, you can come and do the Salon refresher on your day off, or come and watch a seminar /workshop on advanced techniques. We are sure your salon would be really pleased.
If I have no hairdressing experience, what is the best way to train and become qualified?

The best possible way to train is to come on to our Complete Hairdresser Course, you will leave this course not only with a nationally recognised certificate, but also with an enormous amount of confidence and experience, ready to take on a stylist position in the best salons.

I am a salon owner, is it worth sending my trainees to you instead of doing model nights for them?

Some salon owners replace or complement their model nights/days by sending their trainees on our Salon Experience, as it saves them time and aggravation finding stylists to teach, a good choice of models to work.

I work in a salon and specialise in men’s cutting, would you employ me one day a month to train your students?

We actually use Guest Artists just like you, who specialise in certain areas of hairdressing. They normally do several workshops per year depending on how successful they are.

Please give us a call to discuss opportunities.

Can you help me to find a job?

Yes we can help you find a job, Just sign up with Careers in Hair and Beauty!